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The MAKEUP Masterclass, a comprehensive 3-hour course that covers everything you need to know about skin and cosmetics.

Our makeup expert will teach you the latest techniques in makeup application, color theory and facial morphology.

You'll also learn how to personalize your makeup routine based on your skin type and face shape.


Whether you're a beginner or a makeup addict, our Masterclass is the perfect way to improve your skills and take your beauty game to the next level.


In the program:

- Knowledge of how skin and cosmetics (care and makeup) work

- Determination of skin type and skincare routine recommendations

- Colorimetric consultation

- Morphological consultation

- Personalized makeup protocol and techniques

- Practice of personalized and scalable makeup techniques, i.e. 2 makeups (1 light/medium intensity + 1 medium/strong intensity) on the entire face: complexion, eyes and lips


- Ebook “My advice and recommendations” FREE

- Post-masterclass exchange for solo makeup corrections FREE


Sending gift voucher to the address specified during your purchase


The course takes place at the workshop in St Genies de Malgoires and is available by appointment only (Easy access by car, 3 minutes walk from St Genies de Malgoires station: 15 min TER journey from Nîmes center station )

MAKEUP Masterclass


You can bring your beauty kit (makeup and care) in order to  to take stock of what you already have.

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